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Difficulty: Intermediate
August 1 – September 15
Mondays @ 6-8pm

Smug Turtle

At Smug Turtle, we are dedicated to amplifying your brand by taking the journey together. Strategy, tactics, human centered design, and innovation, our creative team identifies optimal pathways to propagate your message. Together we connect your work with its target audience, helping you build and grow your passions into digital experiences in which your customers will want to engage.

Our mission at Smug Turtle is to help great ideas, products, projects, movements and new technology move from the mind to the marketplace. We strongly believe that no idea is too small, and look forward to collaborating on building something with you.

The Old Versus the New

Traditional business marketing models assert that, due to limited shelf space, only top-selling items can be sold in a store. With the arrival of the digital age, however, shelf space has become limitless. The Internet provides a place for every entrepreneur to promote her message and product.

Everyone has heard of large companies like Coke, Pepsi, Ford, and Toyota. Now, because of the Internet, the general public also has access to smaller companies such as Tom’s Shoes, The Daily Om, and Hay House, for example. The Internet allows the small voice to not only be heard, but also followed—a development that has permanently changed business dynamics globally. The entry barrier lowered, now anyone with an idea and drive can gain access to high performance business opportunities.

The Internet is vast, and the online community has an overwhelming number of choices it can make, so it is imperative to position your message in a way that your target customer will find you. Our team specializes in sourcing and dominating niche markets, market segments, buying trends, and product development—we have the skills to help your message or product find customers already searching for exactly what you’re selling.

It’s Your Turn

At Smug Turtle, we have a record of ensuring client success. We have launched authors onto many of the “Best Sellers” lists, grown business by millions of dollars and increased traffic time and time again.  We have worked with a diverse clientele and understand that that hearing your story is the first step in crafting the blueprint of success for your business.

See your digital presence thrive and our team is here to make that happen.  We look forward to working with you and presenting your ideas to the world.


  • 20 hours of professional instruction
  • 24lbs of a clay of your choice
  • All firing and glazing fees
  • Free studio use outside your class hours

$299.00 / seat

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